Industrial Floor coatings

EverSeal installs high-strength industrial floor coatings for all applications. High-Traffic warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Workshops, and other industrial environments present flooring challenges that cost your company in downtime, extra maintenance, and loss of efficiency. Staining, deterioration, cracking, sweating, and dusting make it next to impossible to keep your facility clean and fully-operational at all times. Our industrial floor coatings provide true solutions to these problems, and will help you improve the operations of your facility in the long-run. Our industrial coatings are waterproof, non-porous, easy-to-clean, and highly chemical and abrasion resistant. There is no better solution to your industrial flooring problems.

Case Study I

When this client was building a new welding facility, they knew that they needed a floor that would withstand heavy fork-truck traffic, remain easy-to-clean, and keep employees safe from trip hazards as they work. We installed a high-performance 100% solids epoxy coating with a silica sand aggregate broadcast for strength and texture. A high-traffic topcoat was also installed for added abrasion resistance and longevity.

Case Study II

The floor at this trucking facility is constantly exposed to harsh chemicals as the trucks and the insides of the tanks are washed here daily. Solvents, oils, soaps and other chemicals were eating through the concrete. The deterioration created an impossible surface to maintain, and presented several fall hazards, and costing this company in time and efficiency. We repaired and resurfaced this floor with a trowel-applied urethane mortar topping that will protect the concrete, and keep it easy to clean.