Commercial/Decorative Floor Coatings

Add value to your business through EverSeal’s decorative floor coating options. Our floor systems outlast and outperform conventional tile, carpet and hardwood. The fully-customizable options can help you create the atmosphere you desire to give your customers and clients an atmosphere and experience they won’t find anywhere else. EverSeal flooring adds value and efficiency to your operation through a floor system that is low-maintenance, and long-lasting. No need to wax, strip, or buff.

Case Study I

This restaurant/brewery was looking for a flooring option that matched the modern industrial atmosphere that their customers have come to love. They also wanted a low-maintenance and long-lasting floor that would withstand the traffic of the restaurant crowd, as well as serve as a great addition to the appeal of their reception hall venue.

Case Study II

The seamless and sanitary nature of our coating systems are especially valuable in kitchen, bathroom, and other high-traffic areas that are subject to bacteria and moisture. Our flooring provides excellent visual appeal in these areas while being a tougher and more sanitary options. Compare the pictures of tile kitchen and bathrooms to our flooring options.