• Cementitious Urethane Systems

    The new standard in food grade floor systems. The most durable

  • Epoxy Reflector System

    Ideal combination of durability and visual appeal. Perfect in showrooms, restaurants, and retail settings.

  • Industrial Epoxy and Decorative flake.

    A work horse floor that combines durability with wear resistance.

  • High Performance Urethane Top Coats

    Urethane top coats and high performance systems are ideal in high chemical and high traffic environments.

  • Concrete Restoration Overlay Systems

    Applicable in both interior and exterior settings and a an excellent concrete resurfacing solution.

  • Methyl Methacrylate Systems

    Great in kitchens, high traffic areas, and cold storage environments

  • Colored Epoxy Systems

    Advanced concrete protection with excellent decorative properties

  • Resinous flooring and concrete repair

    solve interior and exterior flooring problems with concrete repair and additional resinous flooring systems

  • Custom Flooring Solutions

    Taylor Made floor systems BY EverSeal Concrete Coatings

  • Commercial Flooring Systems

    EverSeal commercial systems are ideal in virtually every commercial, industrial, retail, and even residential enviroment.

Serving the Midwest from Chicago to St. Louis and everything in between.

Coatings Options

We specialize in resinous flooring, and we offer a complete range of commercial and industrial grade seamless flooring systems including; epoxy, cementitious urethane, methyl methacrylate (MMA), and high performance urethane, novolac, and polyaspartic floor systems. We also offer concrete polishing, sealing, repair, and staining. Commercial, industrial, and residential solutions available for indoor and outdoor applications.

Protection & Benefits

Protect your concrete with coatings systems that are chemicals resistant, uv resistant, thermal shock resistant, abrasion resistant, formulated for high traffic areas, high strength, slip resistant, anti-microbial, oil resistant, stain resistant, water resistant, moisture emission tolerant, easy to clean and maintain, and environmentally friendly . Our resinous flooring options offer the most durable and versatile surfaces available in the flooring industry.

Quality Assurance

We have learned that the key elements to the highest quality floor system is a thoroughly prepared substrate and professional application of quality resinous coating materials. We take extreme care during the concrete prep phase to ensure that your concrete is ready to accept and bond with your floor system in the best way possible. Choose EverSeal for advanced look and protection.

Design Ideas

Reflector EnhancerReflector Epoxy Systems are the “latest and greatest” in the resinous flooring industry in terms of decorative look coupled with advanced durability.
poly-crete5Food Processing Flooring Systems offers unmatched durability and sanitary properties and our cementitious urethane line is quickly becoming the new standard in kitchens and food and beverage manufacturing settings.
MMA flooring is the answer where down time must be kept to a minimum and a high durability flooring is needed.

Flooring Solutions

Industrial Check out our complete line of high performance systems or let us custom design a floor system to meet your needs.
Commercial Systems that are the ideal solution in settings where visual appeal and durability are in demand.
Resdential Epoxy Systems are an excellent way to protect your garage and basement flooring while upgrading the look and feel of you space. Decorative overlays are great enhancing your driveway, patio, or pool deck.

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